Blake Neale

is an award-winning motion/graphic designer, art director and writer based in London. He loves biscuits.

By day, he art-directs and designs a wide range of projects - from promotional trailers to channel idents to branding for experiential events - for two television networks that both broadcast the hit 90's show Friends. Could he be any more excited? Well, yes; he could. Still, he'll be there for you.

Blake served as design consultant for Channel 5's 2020 rebrand (despite not actually working for them at the time) which won Channel of the Year honours at the Broadcast Awards and also from the Royal Television Society.

Altogether, he has overseen 12 channel/platform rebrands including:

  • 5ACTION (2022)
  • My5 (2021)
  • 5STAR (2019)
  • Paramount+ (2018)
  • Comedy Central (2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019)
  • That's right folks, he's overseen 5 separate rebrands for Comedy Central over the course of a decade which means he's either really good at Comedy Central rebrands or really bad at them. Thankfully, winning big at the Broadcast Digital Awards in 2019 suggests it's the former (phew) with Comedy Central crowned Best Entertainment Channel and praised for its "360-degree confidence" and "fantastic" rebrand. So he must be doing something right.

    By night, Blake seeks respite from fast-turnaround tv-trailer tomfoolery by beavering away on a myriad of personal projects - one of which even made its way onto the front page of Metro online; another was twice tweeted by the BBC; and another picked up by NME. Oh, and he's also made it onto the front page of The Poke (the UK's biggest humour site) so he's got that going for him too. Just call him 'bad ass'.

    He is currently writing his debut novel which features brand-spanking new jokes about Shakespeare (William), egg & cress (sandwiches), and sudoku (the tedious numbers game). So all the hard-hitting, topical stuff that everyone's talking about, yeah?

    You won't find Blake on the likes of Fakebook, Twatter or PrickTok, so avoid cheap imitations and experience the genuine article exclusively here.